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Flip flops!!!  How much do we love our flip flops?  Most are just empty canvases waiting to be adorned.  At least that is what I thought while looking down at mine.  That's when I drew up a design for interchangeable bows that tied right onto the post of our flip flops and thong style sandals.  They would come in many colors to match our outfits.  Bell's Bows LLC was created that day.  Now it's a Limited Liability Company with a Patent.  

Now you too can adorn your flip flops and thong style sandals with Bell's Bows LLC.  They are made of cotton so they make a sturdy bow yet they are lightweight just perfect for traveling.  You don't have to bring along so many different color flip flops or sandals, leaving you more room in your suitcase.  Pick the colors to match your outfits and have fun.  If the colors are available, buy sets of your college or team colors.  Tie one onto each of your flip flops or thong style sandals to show support for your favorite team.  
They make great gifts too!Pink Bell's Bows

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       Flip Flops And Sandals Are Not Included  
Bell's Bows LLC Are Patented & Made In The USA